Complete Dashboard for all transaction on Dashboard

API Integration

Automated process via API for Amazon and Flipkart (For Flipkart the Reports for Fulfilment Sales have to be Requested manually and Payment Reports to be imported manually)

Import via Excel

For Other Channels mapping of their Excel file to our Software once and no need for altering Excel file before Import

Location-wise Report

Complete GST Report Party-wise, State-wise

Maintenance and Support

Complete Maintenance and support for Web Based via Ticketing System and Email and in Case of Machine Based users via Any Desk or Team Viewer

Report Compilation

We undertake complete report compilation for raising request for any shortfall in Returns and Replacement for Amazon Fulfillment (FBA)


Your Perfect Business Partner


Our solutions come from the promoters of OSMS, a leading Ecommerce accounting solution provider. We strive to maintain the consistency of our services and deliver a valuable service to our clients. With over 30 years of cumulative experience, we have a team that will take care of all the little nitty-gritty of your accounting.

Business Understanding

Our experience serves as a pedigree for our in-depth business understanding and a structured approach to providing solutions.Having witnessed the evolution of e-commerce industry right from its inception to recent developments, SES gauges the exact requirements of online sellers.

A Service Provider, Not A Product Seller

We are not just selling our software, we are providing you a complete service. We will take care of the maintenance as well as draft certain critical reports for you.When you buy a product, you make a transaction but when you buy a service you establish a relationship. Therefore, signing up for a service will help you to leverage your business to great heights.

Currently this version is useful for vendors selling products through websites Amazon, Flipkart, SnapDeal fulfillment type & Others e-commerce platform where they are registered as sellers.

●   Simple easy to understand user interface and integrated with Tally ERP 9.

●   Vendor should get order ID wise Receivable Report.

●   Vendor should get item wise Inward & Outward stock details report.

●   Detail Sales Tax report Multi- Location wise.

●   Vendor should get order ID wise Receivable Report.

●   Details Credit Note report Multi- Location wise.

●   Detail Payment Expense Report.

●   Records of Return Report.