An overall accounting solution from the promoters of OSMS Software (APSR Solutions)

Simplifying eCommerce Accounting

A steep progress brings with it a need to manage all the process meticulously. Being an online seller is not anymore about just posting pictures of one or two products, it has evolved into the full-fledged business segment, providing livelihood to many people. With a deep understanding of the market and an ability to predict the market trends, SES brings you solutions that cater to all your end-to-end accounting solutions.

Just like the uniqueness of every product, accounting management needs of every seller are unique as well. SES gives you web-based as well as machine solutions depending on your perculiar requirement. Web-based solutions will give you access to all accounting solutions on cloud whereas a Machine-based solution will integrate the program in your system. Whatever the case may be, with SES you can be rest assured about all your accounting hassles.

We also provide you with add-on services such as compiling reconciliation reports and payment report and make the entire process a seamless experience for you.

Web Based Solutions For Vendors Selling Through Amazon,Flipkart,Paytm,Snapdeal

1. For Accounting including transfer to Tally
A DIY Kit for you if you already know your accounts and require just minimal help. Our software will help you to generate sales, returns, receipts, and expenses. Reconciliation, Tallying of sales and outstanding won’t be covered under this package. Support will be through Ticketing System,Email. No Support via Phone

2. Complete Accounting Service Solutions For Vendors Selling Through Amazon,Flipkart,Paytm,Snapdeal

You just have to provide us with login information and well take care of the rest. Here, we will provide you with online sales accounting and reconciliation and give a ready-made data to sync with Tally.

Machine Based Solutions for Large Volume Ecommerce Vendors

We give you access to our software on your system so that you can use the software as and when needed. After installing the software, we will take care of the maintenance so that you can do your accounting and reconciliation seamlessly without any roadblocks using the software. We provide Online Support via AnyDesk and Other Remote Desktop softwares.

Reconciliation Reports for Amazon

We will provide all sorts of reconciliation reports such as payment reconciliation, return reconciliation, replacement reconciliation, expense reconciliation, and claim reconciliation.

Add on Services

Over and above all the services mentioned above, we also provide you with order-id wise payment reports. This is a valuable add-on service you would want to avail to ease your burden a little more.