Ecommerce Vendors Sales Accounting Solutions and Payment Reconciliation Tool

"E-commerce leaders will have to keep up with the changes to survive and stay ahead."


Starecom Esmart Strategies Private Limited (SES) is promoted by Developers of OSMS Software (APSR Solutions) to Help Vendors of Ecommerce Platform like Amazon,Flipkart,SnadDeal,Paytm etc. with Lower Volumes to maintain there Ecommerce Sales Management and Accounting Reconciliation with our web based Tool ESMART.

SES provides flexible Sales Accounting Solutions and Payment Reconciliation Tool for Vendors Selling through Ecommmerce website. We offer two modules depending on the Volume of Transaction and other Specific Requirements to make Accounting Task seamless and automated to avoid manual Duplicity.

Our Software does Sales Accounting,Return Accounting,Payment Accounting and Expense Accounting Orderidwise. Hereinafter referred to as (accounting solutions)

With the advent of digitization, e-commerce is garnering a lot of momentum these days and getting more and more customer base with every passing day. At such times, it is imperative to mainatain a systematic database for all your transactions to drive your business in the right direction. SES is your helping hand in managing all the transactions nitty-gritty of the Ecommerce business. We provide a cloud-based service for dealers who have less than 5,000 transactions per month and a machine-based solution for dealers who have surpassed 5,000 transactions per month.

You can always opt for solutions for your specific accounting requirements. Whether you have small orders or you are a bulk dealer, we have solutions that are customized for all kinds of e-commmerce accounting needs. From software that tallies your accounts with just a simple login to annual reconciliation reports,We have got it all sorted for you.

SES not only offers you a complete accounting solution but also gives you a holistic end-to-end service. We will provide you with reports, manage your Accounting needs on your behalf,software maintenance service and many other follow up services in our inclusive package.

We are acclaimed for our reliable and superior service. Don't just take our word for it,witness it with the sheer number of dealers using our service as we are the leading accounting solutions provider for dealers on Amazon with 100 Sellers out of Top 1000 sellers using our service for their accounting processes.



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